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Nature's Rx Nanohydrate
Compare our formula with Microhydrin ®. Look at the active ingredient list on the Microhydrin ® label, or search for the Microhydrin ® ingredient list on the internet. You will see that Nature's RX is providing a product with far more active ingredients, and at a much lower cost! Buy our product and save up to 400% or more compared to buying Microhydrin ®.

nanohydrate Buy Nanohydrate for only $12

90 Capsules $12   

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Why you need Nanohydrate ...

Nature's Rx ™ Nanohydrate ™ containing Silica Hydride is perhaps the perfect antioxidant. Perfect because Silica Hydride is a powerful antioxidant itself and that Silica Hydride acts to recharge other antioxidants. Also powerful because Nanohydrate ™ contains added Alpha Lipoic Acid or ALA and Beta 1,3 d-glucan or beta glucan as an added antioxidant bonus. Compare Nanohydrate ™ to Micohydrin ® and other products costing up to four times the price which provide fewer active ingredients than Nature's Rx ™ Nanohydrate ™.

Silica Hydride contains hydrogen which acts as a free electron donor to the body against free radicals. That is the definition of any antioxidant, but Silica Hydride also acts as an electron donor to other spent antioxidants such as ALA or CoQ10. Silica Hydride is a perfect supplement to take in conjunction with traditional oral antioxidant supplementation. Moreover the spent hydrogen atoms combine with body oxygen creating an alkaline molecule which supports an alkaline ph. There has been much recent discussion about the benefits of raising the body ph.

Nanohydrate ™ also contains added Alpha-Lipoic Acid or ALA which is a powerful antioxidant. The body needs alpha-lipoic acid to produce energy. ALA acts as an antioxidant only when there is an excess of ALA and it is in the free state in the body cells. There is no natural free alpha-lipoic acid circulating in your body, unless oral supplementation if Alpha-Lipoic Acid is taken. ALA also like silica hydride works closely with vitamins C and E and other antioxidants by recharging them thus making them more effective. ALA supplementation is very important for anyone concerned about free radicals.

Beta 1,3 d-glucan is derived from the cell wall of yeast. It is believed to trigger an immune response in the body. Beta Glucan activates immune cells called macrophages responsible for finding and deactivating foreign agents such as bacteria that are a threat to the body. Bet 1,3 d-glucan is an important cutting edge supplement for those interested in optimal body health.

Compare Natures Rx ™ Nanohydrate ™ to Micohydrin ® and you will find that both contain silica hydride. We don't have a "wetter water" story to go along with Nanohydrate, just a great antioxidant product at a great value. Nanohydrate ™ is the best buy value costing up to 75% less and also provides important antioxidants ALA and immune building beta glucan. Try Nanohydrate ™ today direct from Natures Rx ™ and benefit from the cost effective direct to you internet sale of nutritional products as opposed to complicated network marketing plans. We think Nanohydrate ™ is the best antioxidant value on the internet and we are sure you will agree.

Supplement Facts
90 Capsules per bottle each capsule contains:
7.5 mg Silica, 22mg Potassium Carbonate, 1.5mg Magnesium Sulfate, Plus: 1.5mg Thiamine, 1.7mg Riboflavin, 20mg Niacinamide, 10mg Pantethine, 10mg Alpha-Lipoic Acid, 20mg Beta-1,3-D-Glucan

Suggested Usage:
As a dietary supplement take 1 to 3 capsules daily with 8 ounces of water.

Quality Assurance: All of Nature's Rx formulations are prepared under the strictest QC controls and procedures to guarantee you the finest dietary supplements available in the market today.