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CoQ10 ,also known as ubiquinone, is very close in structure to vitamin K. CoQ10 has been to topic of many studies over the last 40 plus years since it was first manufactured in its pure form back in 1957. Studies indicate that CoQ10 is able to both add an remove oxygen from molecules. The proper amount of oxygen is required at the cellular level. When too little oxygen is present then there may not be enough energy to maintain normal cellular activity. When too much oxygen is available, it can lead to the creation of toxins. CoQ10 has be called by some as the "Cadillac of antioxidants".

coq10 Buy Coenzyme Q10 $9.95

CoQ10 Rx:
90 Softgel $9.95   

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Supplement Facts
90 Softgels per bottle.
Each CoQ10 softgel contains 30 mg of coenzyme q10, 5iu 17% of Vitamin E d-alpha tocopherol.

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