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Colostrum -
Colostrum is secreted by the mammary gland of all female mammals during the late months of pregnancy. This secretion increases dramatically just before the mother gives birth, and then stops shortly after birth, it is used by the baby ( first food ) in the mother's first milk, or reabsorbed by the mother, and soon after, regular breast milk begins to be produced. The first real meal of most babies is the perfect combination of all the necessary immune and growth factors to help get it through those critical first few days. Besides jump-starting the baby's immune system, and stimulating growth, colostrum also promotes rapid healing of wounds or injuries. Colostrum works to activate a multitude of physical processes in the newborn body, all of which are vital to health and growth.

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81 Count $11.95  

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Supplement Facts
81 Capsules per bottle
One capsule provides: 550 milligrams of Colostrum (30% igg 6hr New Zealand)

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