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Nature's Rx Carbolock Rx
™ with Phaseolus Vulgaris 10:1 Extract. CarboLock Rx ™ contains a high potency extract of the Northern White Kidney Bean, Nature's latest all natural weight loss nutrient. It blocks the enzymatic breakdown of carbs and stops simple sugars from being converted into fat, so you can still enjoy your favorite foods without guilt and weight gain.

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Carbolock Rx:
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More about Carbolock Rx...
CarboLock ™ supports stable blood sugar levels, helps reduce cravings, aids in retention of lean muscle, and provides natural energizers for increased vitality and better workouts. CarboLock Rx ™ is the "Value Leader!" No other product approaches our potency and price combination!

Many popular diets today proclaim the benefits of a low carb diet, low carb food, or a specific low carb recipe. Now there is an alternative low carb diet method in phaseolamin. The extract of the great white northern bean or phaseolamin has been shown to neutralize or block the action of the starch digesting enzyme alpha amylase. Without the action of these amylase enzymes, the body cannot digest starch from foods. By temporarily blocking the action of the amylase, the starch consumed from the food can pass through the body without being assimilated. With phaseolamin, not only is the starch neutralized, but also the calories which would have normally been derived from the starch i neutralized. The sensible and all natural alternative to continually searching for the latest low carb food, the next low carb diet of another version of the the same low carb recipe, is to give the carb blocking extract phaseolamin a try with Carbolock Rx.

Nature's Rx Carbolock Rx ™ contains the potent 10:1 concentrated extract of the phaseolus vulgaris derived from the northern white kidney bean. What does a 10:1 extract mean? A 10:1 extract contains 10 times the concentration of the active constituents found in the natural white bean. Concentrated extracts are more potent and therefore more expensive as nutraceutical ingredients than natural raw herbal powders. Otherwise, it would necessitate taking ten times the dosage of the product to get the same starch blocking effect. Three tablets of CarboLock ™ contains 1500 mg of the concentrated phaseolus 10:1 extract for powerful starch blocking action. CarboLock ™ containing phaseolamin is a sensible alternative to stimulant or appetite control diet formulas. With this method you eat the starch and the enzyme which allows the body to digest starch is temporarily blocked. This provides the benefit of a low carb diet or a low carb recipe without buying special expensive foods or going on inconvenient single food diets. There are no long term plans to join and no annoying purchase groups to purchase Carbolock. Compare Carbolock ™ to other carb blockers or carb blocking diet products. Carbolock ™ is the best buy value on the internet in our opinion. Try Nature's Rx CarbolockTM today, we think you will agree with us.

Supplement Facts
Serving size: 3 Tablets

Three tablets contain 1500 mg Phaseolus Vulgaris (pod and seed) 10:1 extract.

Suggested Usage:
For adults, take three (3) tablets prior to meals with 8 oz. water.

Quality Assurance: All of Nature's Rx formulations are prepared under the strictest QC controls and procedures to guarantee you the finest dietary supplements available in the market today.