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About Nature's Rx

Nature's RX ™, Inc. is a family held corporation located in a low overhead rural area near Paoli, Oklahoma. Nature's customers and distributors advertise for us and are our primary source of new business. It is these two factors that allow our prices to be kept so very low. Also, we don't participate in expensive television, radio and magazine advertising campaigns. Our honest value products readily advertise themselves saving you our customer.

Nature's mission is to continue to offer great products at prices that give consumers a tremendous value for their money. These products are formulated with “cutting edge” nutritional formulas. Nature's RX proudly claims to be the first to provide several products with unique and beneficial formulas. These formulas provide ingredients that work in a synergistic manner to promote a more effective health benefit. All of Nature's Rx products are manufactured by GMP manufacturers located in the United States.

For example, Nature's was the first to offer a SAM-e precursor product - SAM-e Kickstart ™. SAM-e Kickstart ™ was formulated to provide components for helping the body produce more SAM-e naturally and at a price significantly less than active SAM e supplements. Nature's was the first to offer a SAM-e related product that contains 'B' vitamins.

Nature's was also the first to offer an amino acid enriched synergistic night time collagen based weight loss formula. Thousands of people around the world have made Collagen Nite Loss Ultra their diet plan of choice. Nature's continues to offer Colloidal Minerals Intensive Care which blends Rockland minerals, Great Salt Lake Minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and more long before the recent MLM company offered it and we still offer it now that they have passed; and our product still costs one-third of their price. Nature's continues to offer Noni Pure ™ noni juice using only domestic grown Hawaiian Noni modernly harvested with USDA approval and yet Noni Pure ™ is aged using traditional polynesian methods giving you the goodness of noni with the best of both worlds.

For those that want a very stable and long shelf life SAM-e product, Nature's offers SAM e Rx Ultra ™. This is continuing to prove to be the best SAM-e supplement product available today. We believe this is due to the manufacturer's source of raw ingredients, the manufacturing quality control, and the special enteric coating process that virtually eliminates degradation due to moisture absorption and ensures absorption in the lower tract.

Professional quality products, excellent service and fair and honest pricing are our commitment to you. Call today and place an order with Nature's RX, or FAX, or mail in your order.

Good Health Always,

Roger Elder, President
Nature's RX, Inc.